This article is somewhat of a disclaimer about the Mudflat Creative Mission so that we can re-affirm with YOU, our followers what we are and what we do.  First let me start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow along and I ask that if you see something you like that you please feel free to share it via social media or any other avenue you want to.

   It seems that in the past few years that the Hunting and Outdoor “industry” has become increasingly more and more popular.  With things such as social media we are easily able to see the good and the bad, as well as the functional and the fashionable.  At Mudflat Creative our goal and mission is to provide valuable and entertaining content to provide insight on things going on in the hunting and outdoor world, and more importantly provide  TRUTHFUL information about ideas and products that we have used and believe in.    While we know there is more than one way to skin a cat we aspire to give you some more tools for your tool box so that you can enjoy the outdoors and be a more successful hunter.  If we write a review on a product or offer a teaching point ,please know that we have honestly used and put into practice everything we talk about. If it’s not a good product than we have no problem disclosing that.  We do not get paid to use these products. Having said this we want you to know that we are not in it to take anyone’s check or products and by having this mentality we WILL NOT promote or accept any products we do not believe in and use our selves just because someone offered us money or free stuff.
   Our process is such…… We find a product we want  to try or an idea we want to write about. We either reach out to the company explain our intentions and go from there or we simply buy the product outright and give it a go. If it is a subject we want to write about we either explain only our personal experiences (and we will tell you ) or we will research the topic THOROUGHLY and speak with other subject matter experts to provide supporting information.  We know a lot of ideas are not our ideas but we make every effort possible to avoid copying or reproducing someonelses content and if we do we make sure that we give them the proper credit.
   Now  I know what your thinking…. Lawrence, did someone say something or indicate to you that you were being biased, one-sided, or providing bad info?”  The answer is no.  Our goal is to grow organically and engage with folks who want to engage with us, and share  a common interest in our content.  But as I was researching marketing strategies and planning for what would be future growth, I was talking with several people and the terms “influencers and instafamous ” kept being thrown around, so I wanted to reaffirm our core beliefs with this project.  There are a lot of people who claim to be “hunters ” or “outdoor enthusiasts” out there that are only in it for the free stuff and or a pay check. I can assure you that is not us.  While yes we hope to bring in some income, and maybe one day be profitable, so that we can keep Mudflat Creative alive we hope to do it honestly through good engaging content, and with the support of our followers not because we are greedy or want free stuff. So I ask that from YOU, our followers, that you be mindful of bad info or copied and reproduced content out there, and that you keep an eye out for the people who are willing to steer you in the wrong direction so that they can get theirs.  Do your research and follow-up with other sites and sources about products and information.  I am not saying that you have to agree with our ideas or reviews, just that you know without a doubt that they are not slanted in any way.
   If you have read any of our content you’ll notice that I usually close with asking you to share, if you like it, subscribe to our page (its free) and/or to please share your ideas and opinions with us so that we too can learn and put more tools in our tool box.  We are open to all positive and negative feed back and we are also open to hearing about your ideas for us, and the things you want to hear more about because that is where we think the value lies .
   So in closing I ask this…… If you like our content, find something interesting, or want to follow along, please share and subscribe.  As always we are very thankful for your loyalty and interest in our content and we hope you continue to follow along and share with us. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook , and Twitter.

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