So it’s getting close to turkey season and you are in need of a new turkey decoy. We all know that for us hardcore turkey hunters we demand realism and reliability, however we all know that these come at a cost.  I have had the privilege of speaking with GHG on their brand new turkey decoy line up and have determined that these decoys were designed with realism and reliability in mind but also  with the hunter’s wallet in mind.

In this article you will see how GHG spared no expensive in the research and development of these decoys and a comparison of price to the other top name brands out there. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the effort GHG has put into fixing some of the quirks that turkey decoys have traditionally had.

New Models for 2017

Feeding Hen

When turkeys feed, they are relaxed and content in their surroundings. The GHG Feeding Hen is welcoming, even downright comforting, to a tom turkey on the prowl. A slight wind moves the decoy with ease mimicking a hen searching for insects.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Anatomically correct body posture
  • Color correct ultra-realistic finish
  • Motion stake and carry bag included

Upright Hen

This hen is upright but relaxed to attract toms while driving dominant hens crazy. This is the decoy you need when only carrying one to the field or woods.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Subtle relaxed posture
  • Attracts hens and gobblers
  • Motion stake and carry bag included 

Laydown Hen

This decoy simulates a hen ready to breed to bring gobblers on the run. Used in conjunction with a Jake decoy, older toms won’t be able to stand a young bird moving in on a breeding hen.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Breeding posture
  • Use with Jake decoy
  • Carry bag included


Jake is the name for a first-year gobbler. These young toms have male instincts without the size and strength of older birds. They pose a threat to breed hens that triggers the dominant territorial instinct of big gobblers.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Upright and half-strut postures
  • Half-strut Jake complete with fabric fan

 Jekyll & Hyde

The Jekyll and Hyde of the decoy world! Aggressive head on one side, passive head on the other, the turkeys don’t know what it is. They just can’t stand it; this is the decoy that will revolutionize turkey hunting.

  • Flexible EVA construction
  • Aggressive red head on one side
  • Passive blue head on the other
  • Motion stake and carry bag included
  • Fabric fan included


So you have some insight on what went into these decoys I spoke with Matt Vanselow and John Gordon from Banded Holdings on the design and testing that went into these.

The goal was to produce something TOUGH that would withstand the hardcore hunter but also withstand everyday wear and tear. The EVA plastic used is the same plastic used in the GHG commercial grade decoys. The paint is specifically formulated to be just as flexible as the plastic so that you can avoid chips and cracks. Matt Vanselow said that the first test he does with any new decoy is his “parking lot test”. He said “ basically I throw it down in the parking lot step on it and kick it across the parking lot” he figures that right of the bat he can tell how well the paint will hold up . Hunters are far from gentile with their equipment and by testing how easy the paint will scratch off, is just one real world test that can mean success or failure.

Next GHG has implemented their signature motion cone just like you see in their goose decoys. The concept here is great, on a windy day your turkey decoys have the ability to sit static with no movement or move with a degree of life like movement and not spinning uncontrollably in a stout wind.

GHG also put a lot of focus in the stake for the decoy. They opted for something very robust that was one solid piece. Their goal here was to provide a rugged stake that would prevent a decoy from tipping over or leaning unrealistically in any wind. The single piece also allows for hunters to avoid fumbling with several pieces so that set up is quick and easy. There is nothing worse than having a decoy blow over or lean unrealistically when birds are making their way to your set up.

To speak on the realism of these decoys all the heads for these decoys were molded off of freeze dried turkey heads to ensure the correct texture, shape and size ratio.   All paint schemes were used sampling colors off of real turkeys and the paint scheme was designed to attract birds not hunters.

When it comes to hunters and decoys I think it’s critical to understand that there are decoys designed to attract hunters and there are decoys designed to attract wild game. Sure we all want the most lifelike decoy we can afford but sometimes they can cost a kidney and a second mortgage to own. GHG hit the nail on the head with a decoy that will take a beating but won’t break the bank. Some may say that GHG was late to market but I would disagree and say that they are right on time and have fixed a lot of the issues that today’s hunters are having .

When it comes to the NEW Jekyll and Hyde concept there was an extensive amount of field testing performed to ensure that the concept was proven. The concept was proven to drive dominant Toms crazy, the antagonistic design of this decoy has shown to take the Toms focus off everything else allowing the hunter to get set up for the shot and make subtle adjustments or allow those who are chasing turkeys with a bow to draw.

Below is a price comparison of GHG’s decoys to other top brands on the market. Please note that these prices are based off of GHG’s MSRP and Prices do not reflect shipping applicable taxes, or any sales or promotions. Prices listed are designed to give readers a general overview.

 Dave SmithDakota Avian XGHG
Feeding Hen$119.95$119.95$76$69.99
Upright Hen$119.95$119.95$76$69.99
Laydown Hen$119.95$119.95$76$69.99


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