Mudflat services was created to bring value and long-term returns back to your land as well as promoting healthy agricultural and wildlife management practices to ensure your lands integrity and sustainability for a lifetime. Mudflat Services provides a full offering of habitat maintenance and development, custom land management and maintenance programs, project management of commercial farming and logging operations and consulting and design services for habitat and land development projects.  We work with one of  the most knowledgeable and experienced networks of subcontractors, engineers, and biologist in the industry.


Shallow water field impoundment design, construction, and management are our specialties. Let us create a custom shallow water field impoundment that provides the ultimate in waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities for you and your family, friends and guests. In addition to new impoundments we can also renovate and restore existing ponds or impoundments to improve their function and habitat value. Another key component to a successful waterfowl impoundment is flooding on demand. We have a full well drilling and underground piping staff that can provide for your impoundments water needs. Mudflat Services also offers maintenance plans for new and existing impoundments as well as dry fields to control planting of row crops and forage, flooding and draw down to optimize natural vegetation growth like smart weed and millet , and the design construction, brushing and de-brushing of duck blinds and pits.


Mudflat Services can improve the Whitetail  hunting on your farm through the design, planting and management of field-edge and forested food plots. Food plots provide year-round forage to improve your herd health and your antler quality. If your property is partially or totally forested, Mudflat Services can assist you with all your timber management needs including, management plan preparation, logging, thinning, road widening and pest control. If bedding is needed let us add a native grass planting or the hinge cutting of trees to your farm’s habitat arsenal. Deer use grassland cover for day-bedding and fawn rearing. Once we have  improved your deer habitat, let us map the locations of your stands and food plots so that you can view your hunting locations based on wind and weather.

Turkey, Quail and Small Game

Food and cover are the keys to improving your farm’s turkey, quail and small game habitat. Let Mudflat Services design, plant and manage native grass cover fields, buffer strips and food plots to provide brood rearing habitat and bugging areas for ground nesting birds. On many properties improved hedgerow maintenance and re-building can dramatically improve rabbit hunting opportunities by providing escape cover and travel corridors. Native grass cover will be a key component for your farm if  your hunting operation includes releasing captive-reared quail, chuckar, or pheasants, native grass fields and strips will add value to hunters and dogs alike. Mudflat Services also can provide a custom maintenance program to ensure proper, fertilization, pesticide application, and grooming so that your habitat grows and is sustained at its maximum capability.


In many states in the Mid-Atlantic morning dove hunting is how most hunters begin each hunting season. Let Mudflat Services design, plant and manage a dove field consisting of sunflowers and wheat for your farm or hunting property. Weed control in a dove field is a key component to a successful field and Mudflat Services herbicide program is second to none. Once the sunflowers are ready let us prepare your field for opening day by chopping, mowing, burning and disking to set the table for migrating morning dove. Mudflat Services will also install power lines, and holding ponds for water, as well as maintain your access by spreading gravel so that your doves have a one stop shop for food, water and grit.

Native Grass Cover

Native warm season grasses were once plentiful throughout the eastern United States providing escape cover, nesting, and brood rearing habitat for ground nesting birds and small game animals. With the increases in population, development pressure and agricultural production grassland habitat was severely reduced. Let Mudflat Services bring back your farm or hunting property’s grassland areas. We can plant custom seed mixes selected for your area to provide habitat for all wildlife species. Our mixes include native forbs and wildflowers to attract insects, a protein source for turkey and quail. Grasses take management in the form of mowing, prescribed burning planning, and post emergence herbicide application. Mudflat Services can deliver them all on your property. Let Mudflat Services restore your farm’s grassland habitat.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Once the habitat management improvements have been implemented on your farm or hunting property, let Mudflat Services develop an Annual Farm Management Plan for you to handle the day-to-day operations and keep your farm operating at the highest level. All of our plans are built specifically for each client’s property. Annual Management Plans can be a limited as a once-a-month meeting with your on-farm manager to review the condition of your habitat upgrades or weekly hunting preparations by Mudflat Services staff. Services can be billed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and can focus on the following additional areas of importance:

  • Overall Framing Operations and leasing agreements
  • Custom Harvesting Plans to Provide Winter forage
  • State, Federal & Private Conservation Program Utilization
  • Conservation Easement Assistance
  • Farm Access, Roads, Drainage, Flooding, and Landscaping
Project Management and Consulting

Mudflat Services wants to bring value back to you the land owner.  Let Mudflat Services survey your land and asses areas that may be able to be utilized for commercial farming leases, or logging operations.  Mudflat Services handles everything from sourcing the work, ensuring the terms and conditions of the lease agreement , re-planting operations post logging, and overall project management to ensure quality of work and execution of goals in a timely manner.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”……..  William Shakespeare

Mudflat Services LLC

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