Technology has made the accessibility of valuable information almost instantaneous. Weather conditions, wind conditions, and tide changes are literally available at our finger tips. Beyond the essential information we need, being able to capture timeless memories through photos or videos and being able to claim our bragging rights with quick posts to social media is being centralized through the use of cell phones and digital technology.

Several years ago I made a really stupid decision to access a hunting spot on a frozen river, on a falling tide, miles from where I put my boat in. You see I had to change my plan and use a different boat landing because the ice and tide made my usual access…inaccessible.  Knowing the tide was coming in I had decided that when the water came up around quitting time, I could take the boat to my usual landing and all would be well, I really wouldn’t be that far away from anyone.

As I am sure you can guess things really didn’t work out as planned. The strong south wind got stronger and between that slowing the incoming tide, and the ice my original plan was scrapped. I was stuck on a river at dark with strong winds, dropping temps, and no way to get to a vehicle. No problem right? Between me and my brother we had cell phones. We would just make a call to some guys we knew were still out , arrange to meet up with them, tie our boat off to a nearby dock and catch a ride back to the truck.

Well Murphy’s Law wasn’t going to make our lives that simple. After a couple of hours in the pitch black, and several phone calls later we finally made contact with someone and were able to get off the river and back to the truck. We were LUCKY enough that someone answered their phone. As soon as we were able to get help both phones DIED. Notice I emphasized lucky, and that’s what we were. We weren’t prepared; we were lucky. Had no one answered the phone it would have been a very long, very cold night. The cold temperatures, as many of you have experienced, destroyed the battery life on our phones.

I decide at that moment that I would invest in a charging system that was portable, and it would go hunting with me no matter what. Deer hunting, duck hunting, turkey hunting, it’s coming along for the ride.   Over the years I have invested in several portable chargers and I have thrown several remnants of those chargers away. Only one has, been under water, been dropped out of tree stands, and been run over by my truck . It same one I use today and it still makes the trips hunting and fishing with me.

No hunter is easy on anything and we rely on our gear to stand up to the elements and abuse we put it through. I use the Poseidon by Dark Energy. I use this for one very basic, and the single most important reason there is………IT WORKS.  Besides being a source of power for our cellular lifelines, it also helps on those long days in the tree stand when sometimes you just feel like that next level of candy crush is surely going to help you snag that monster. Don’t kid yourself anyone who has sat in a tree stand from sunrise to sunset has taken a nap, or engaged in some sort of digital entertainment. What happens when that one perfect photo-op presents itself and your camera battery dies, or when you need your GPS and it’s not charged? It’s not like you can plug it into the ground right? So here is what I found :


Dark Energy Poseidon Secifications

  • 10,000 mAh of portable power
  • Waterproof rating of IP-68 (highest possible rating)
  • Durability rating of MIL-STD-810G (highest possible rating)
  • Dual-port charging capability (2.4 and 1.0 amps respectively)
  • Included Micro-USB paracord charging cable, carabiner, and nylon strap
  • Built-in LED light and lantern with SOS signaling capability
  • Weight 0.7 lbs
  • Thickness–.67 inches



In the box :

  • Poseidon 10,000mAh Portable Charger + Light
  • Micro-USB Para cord Charging Cable
  • Nylon strap for latching
  • Stainless steel locking carabiner


You will need to either use your own phone charging cable or purchase theirs as it only comes with a cable to charge the actual unit. Or if your phone or electronics use micro USB you can use the provide cable in reverse and charge your devices.  The Poseidon is extremely well thought out. I utilize the carabiner and tether to keep it latched in my hunting bags or hanging from my hook when I am in the tree stand.

Because the Poseidon is such a high power device it does take what some folks may consider longer than most electronics to get charged. So if you are planning on taking this with you and want it at 100% you will need to plug it in early in the evening the night before as it takes about 11 hours to go from 0-100. Usually if the unit is at 0% a quick overnight charge is not going to bring to 100%. Understand though that 50% of its capacity is still probably more than other portable chargers. The design has passed the military standard for drop testing, and it exceeds my standard for tree stand drops as I have learned from experience.

The Poseidon does have a small yet very powerful led light that can be used as a flash light and will blink an S.O. S signal automatically with a couple quick clicks of a button. The last time I charged my Dark Energy Poseidon was the night before closing day of this year’s duck season (1/29/2017). I used it in the blind that day to charge multiple phones and it is currently still sitting at a 50% charge to this day (3/31/2017). The fact that it hasn’t drained down speaks to the quality and longevity that this product is designed to.

I bought this to use before I started this page so all of my testing was real life use and hunting.   Again this is a product that I bought on my own. The content on this page main focus is to provide real content for real hunters and outdoor folks and I would only write about stuff like this if I felt that there was value in it. The retail price from the Dark Energy website is $99.99 and the Poseidon is available in solid black or Realtree camo with orange trim. I currently have both colors and wouldn’t dream of going fishing or hunting without at least one.

To speak to the company as a whole; I have never had any issues, and was excited to find out that these guys are hunters as well. They have a very family like team, and love to hear about their customer’s success in the field. Dark Energy as a company also works with O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) an organization made up of highly trained individuals that assist law enforcement officers in the ongoing fight to abolish child trafficking.

So to sum it all up; this is a great product, produced by a great company that was designed to be durable, and withstand anything we could through at it. I encourage you all to click on the image and check them out.

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